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Δευτέρα 24 Μαΐου 2021

There are no cases of Covid-19 in Karpathos

In the last few days, journalists in Greece have classified Karpathos as "red" in terms of coronary cases on our island.

This news is a big lie. Today, Saturday, 22 - May - 2021, there is no reported case in Karpathos. At the same time, the citizens of Karpathos of all ages vaccinated at a rapid rate. Today over 70% of the population of our island has been vaccinated.

In Karpathos since the beginning of the Pandemic we have never exceeded one hundred cases.  It should be noted here, that the stable population of Karpathos is about 5000 - 5500 people.

As a doctor certified by the National Organization of Public Health, I would like to tell you that Karpathos currently has no cases of the virus and you can visit our island safely without a second thought.


INFORMATION FOR RAPID & PCR TEST... in our Clinic in Karpathos



It is very important to know 1 week before your departure date for your country, so that we can inform you about the exact date and time when the test will take place.

The next day afternoon from the date of receiving the test, your payment receipt and your results will come to your e-mail.

If you want the answer of the result printed, then you can do it either in your Hotel or visit our Clinic.


 RAPID – Antigen TEST

For the rapid test again we should be informed a week in advance. The test takes place 24 hours before departure and the response takes 15 minutes.



PCR TEST: 70 euros

RAPID TEST: 20 euros



We do not charge extra for tests taken at the Hotels


 Payment must be made in cash, because the money must be deposited in the Bank for the Microbiological laboratory in Rhodes.


 We send the tests to a special Microbiological Laboratory in Rhodes by ship. The transfer of the test with airplane is forbidden because the test was considered infectious material.


 I wish you a happy holiday on our beautiful island and also a beautiful stay in the beautiful and friendly hotel you have chosen.


Medical Doctor

Socrates E. Antonacacis

Contact: 0030 6972 681 581, 0030 6974 139 931

Παρασκευή 4 Δεκεμβρίου 2020

About COVID-19


After 11 years cooperation, as a doctor in Karpathos-Greece, 
I feel compelled to express my condolences to all citizens currently ill, to all citizens living in their homes in quarantine and 
to express my warm condolences to the families that mourn their loved ones.

The words are few ... but the love is endless.

We are all here with you ... united
and we care about you in Greece
looking for new ways and making new dreams
for a better world in the future
for a more humane world, a peaceful and loved world!

Good look
to everyone and take care...

Medical Doctor
DIrector of Hippocrates Quick MED Clinic
Karpathos - Greece

Why Choose Hippocrates Quick MED Clinic - the Medical Express Doctor Clinic in Karpathos...

The Private Clinic in Karpathos – Greece

It’s no secret that when you feel good, you look good, and – more importantly – you do good. That’s why we set up Hippocrates Quick Med Clinic (a Medical Express Clinic) - back in 2009 – one of the reputed private clinics in Karpathos you can trust on. We noticed it was becoming harder for people to achieve optimal vitality in the midst of their busy, modern lives. Our  ethos? We provide first-class, private healthcare in a way that effortlessly fits in with your lifestyle. Our health centre combines modern facilities and on-the-spot treatment to keep our patients thriving. With us, it’s easy for you to feel, look, and be your best.

Main focus of our Clinic

At our private clinic, the doctor and the rest of the staff are trained in accurately diagnosing and treating a wide range of health issues. Our main focus, however, is treating you as an individual – we’ll find the root cause and not just treat the symptoms. This allows us to work together to achieve your personal health goals.

Private Healthcare at our  Medical Centre

We believe that private healthcare services shouldn’t be a luxury. It’s essential to ensuring you don’t just survive, but thrive. Therefore our medical center in Karpathos welcomes all patients of all ages, from overseas visitors and daily commuters, to Karpathians looking for an exceptional health care.


Swift, on-the-spot treatment
We appreciate that you need to take valuable time out of your day to visit our private clinic during our holidays. For this reason, we minimize your wait time and maximize your time with a medical expert. We want you to get back to your life as soon as great healthcare allows. Quick Med Clinic also focuses on patient responsibility and preventative care. We'll help you make optimal decisions about your health care through both dialogue and education.

Your go-to Private Clinic

Looking for a professional health services urgently? Don’t Panic! At our Clinic we'll provide you with quality medical care, and treat you with respect, and sensitivity at all times. We are open from 7am to 00:00 pm Monday to Sunday and we are on call 24 hours every day... I know this is good for you and "bad" for us.

Relax in the hands of experts

Above all, we believe patients should feel comfortable communicating with the medical doctor. Quick Med Clinic therefore warmly encourages and answers all your questions and concerns. We welcome you to browse our site. As the best Private Clinic in Karpathos, with vast experience of eleven years in Karpathos, we're sure you'll find we're a great fit for each other. For more information or to book an appointment, get in touch with our doctors today.

Contact us...


The Clinic...


Health care in Karpathos: Medical clinic – Hippocrates Quick Med Clinic

For any health problems you may have, you can contact the doctor or the clinic without hesitation. 

We perceive your anxiety in a foreign country. 

The clinic is open from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm. The doctor is available (on call) 24 hours every day and all days of the week, even on Saturdays and Sundays, but also on days when our island is on holiday. The secretary of our clinic is also in the office all hours of operation. In our department you will always find the nursing staff,  that is ready and willing to serve you. 

Our desire is to feel comfortable with us and like home. So, do not hesitate to tell us the problem you are dealing with. You can call us or visit our clinic or even have a look at your hotel room. 

We wish you a good holiday, a good stay on our beautiful island and always stay healthy. 
You can trust us…


Secretary: 0030 6972 681 581

Doctor: 0030 6972 139 931

Clinic: 0030 22450 23 0 32


Map: the way to QUICK MED CLINIC


We are always ready

Health problem in your vacation?

Please follow these steps:
1.Feel like home
2.Do not worry
3.Call us on the phone or visit our clinic
4.We will arrange everything for you

and never forget:
we are always ready for you !!!

Eleven years experience in medical tourism


The Quick Med Clinic is open all year on Karpathos and has eleven years experience in medical tourism.
Our aim is to treat the patient on the island, and not the evacuation of the patient away from the island for a health problem.
The correct diagnosis and quick and secure treatment is our trump.
The patient should not be wasting time of his vacation because he got sick in any circumstances.
The tourists enjoying their holidays and we care about their health.

Home - Hotel visits in remote areas like Leykos...

 There are arid and remote areas in Karpathos, including Leykos, where there are no clinics or pharmacies. If a visitor needs medical assistance by calling the doctor will come to the hotel in about 40 minutes. Because In Leykos,  there are no pharmacies, doctor Socrates -after telephone consultation with the patient (depending on the health problem)- keeps appropriate medicines with him and so the patient does not have to hassle of looking for a pharmacy.

Notification for high-risk patients or patients requiring special supervision


In case there are patients with complicated health history and who receive special medications, or there will be the possibility to need sometimes emergency help, it would be good to provide the medical history to us, in order to be ready – stand by.

For your safety it would be good to know your medical history…before you start to enjoy your holidays on the island.

Κυριακή 30 Μαρτίου 2014

Medical care for hikers in Karpathos

Hiking fans around the world, coming every year in Karpathos to enjoy their favorite sport… walking and discovering the nature of the island rock to rock and step by step.
Our medical center is always close to the hikers… giving first aid to any injuries.

Medical care for Wind Surfer in Karpathos

Thousands of windsurfers, coming every year in Karpathos to enjoy their favorite sport… wrestling with the winds and waves.
Our medical center is always close to the surfing athletes… giving first aid to any injuries.